Light Panel for Daz Studio 2.2

Here is a new version of the Light Panel. (works in 1.8 and 2.2)
In addition it now does:
– works with 3rd Party shader based lights as well as regular Daz Lights
– can swap lights from Raytraced shadows to Shadow Maps and back
– can set color of groups of lights
– can choose size of Panel – (how many lights displayed in a Tab)

Still to come:
– display more parameters for Shader based lights like Pendragon’s and UberLights, and Daz extended lights

I need your help. I want to expose the new parameters of the lights that people are using.
If you have any suggestions for what you want – please reply in the thread on Daz Forums.

This plugin replaces the existing LightPanel-10.dsb file (originally for DazStudio 1.8)

This will not work in Daz Studio 1.7
(Use version 9 for that.)

1. Unzip it – it contains two files.
2. Drop both files into studio/content/scripts (delete any old ones if you have installed it before)
3. Open Daz Studio and find it in the Content Tab
3. Right click on it and select “Create Custom Action”
It will then appear on your top level menu under a new item (next to Tools) called Scripts.

If you try it in earlier versions than 2.2 it might not appear to work. We are not sure why.
If this happens to you – it appears you can use the .ds file also attached instead of the .dsb.
This seems to make it OK.

– Each light will be in a horizontal Block on the right side of the panel.
– All aspects of the default lights can be controlled from here.
– Some aspects of the 3rd Party shader based lights can be controlled.
– The left side contains global controls for affecting ALL or groups of lights
– E.g. adjusting a groups intensity or switching them all to Raytraced shadows
– Groups are automatically assigned on the basis of similar color


Layouts for DazStudio 2.2

Here is a new Layout for Daz Studio 2.2

2.2 now has lipSync and this Layout reflects that (Animation Tab).

IMHO this is a very useful Layout for using Daz Studio to do whatever you need to do.

Each Tab is laid out as an activity.
All suitable tools are on each tab – so you will only need to move tabs infrequently – depending on your main activity.

– Get some content loaded in the visually oriented Contents Tab.
– Static poses in the Pose Tab, Dynamic and Lip-Sync in the Animation Tab.
– Add and position lights in the Lighting Tab (amongst others)
– Materials can be adjusted in several tabs but the Materials tab is dedicated.
– This is also a good place to do Renders.

– The scripting Tab is included for those of you who care to learn to use it.

1. unzip the file – it contains only two files.
2. Drop them both into the DAZStudio\resources\Layouts directory – where you will see other Layout files
3. Select the new one by name from the View Menu/ Interface-Layout / Select-Layout Menu
It will reorganise your layout into this new configuration.

Layouts 2.2

Show Render times

DeltaX15 has a very useful script that shows you the log file from Daz. You generally only need to look at this when the system does something wrong.

However it does include the duration of renders and where you save them. So I modified the Showlog script to add a “Filter Render Info” button so this could be shown more clearly.

So here is version 1.1 of Showlog – originally by DeltaX15.
ShowLog2 Script

1. unzip the file (only has two files in it – the code and an icon)
Ideally place both files here in your file system:
Then you can easily find it in the Content Browser.

2. Click R on the Showlog icon and choose “Create Custom Action”
This will place it on the Scripts menu at the top of the DazStudio Screen between “Tools” and “Help”

3. When you want to see the log – just select it from there.
If you click on the button labeled “Filter Render Info” then the log will change to only show the lines relevant to Rendering and Saving Last Render operations.


    Finished Rendering


    Total Rendering Time: 11 minutes 55.46 seconds


    Saved image: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Movies Temp\Aliens\previz-2 _18min.jpg

Finished Rendering
Total Rendering Time: 17 minutes 26.95 seconds

Light Panel for Daz Studio 1.8

Here is an updated Light Panel for Daz Studio 1.8
It uses the new UI layouts for sliders and so is more compact.
I fixed the odd minor bug too.

Not yet working with custom shader lights – but soon

(LightPanel-9.dsb is no longer needed – please delete it)

This will not work in Daz Studio 1.7
Use the older version for that

– Pane on the Right shows – controls for all lights
– Pane on the Left shows – Global control and main camera.

Global controls can:
– turn all shadows off (and remember settings) toggle
– adjust intensity of groups of lights with slider

For each light:
– you have same controls as in Parameters tab +
– add light to a group – so can control with global slider +
– view from lights POV +
– toggle bright garish color for light – so you can easily see it in scene.

1. drop it in studio/content/scripts (delete the old one if you have it installed)
2. Open Daz Studio and find it in the Content Tab
3. Right click on it and select “Create Custom Action”

It will then appear on your top level menu under a new item (next to Tools) called Scripts.
Click away…(make some lights first :-))


Simple Compositor Compoz

Casual and I have collaborated on the Daz forum to produce a script that allows a simple composite to occur. (2008)

Use case is this:
1. User has a background (BG) image that they want a rendered sequence to be composited on top of.
2. User has a short background sequence that they want to loop in the background while the foreground (FG) rendered frames lie on top.
3. User has a sequence of BG and FG frames that are the same length and wants to composite them together into a single image sequence.

The script “Compoz” does this. I am hosting it here for easy access. Its also on Casual’s site: with instructions.

With his permission I will probably enhance it a bit more over time.
The newer versions will be here.