Show Render times

DeltaX15 has a very useful script that shows you the log file from Daz. You generally only need to look at this when the system does something wrong.

However it does include the duration of renders and where you save them. So I modified the Showlog script to add a “Filter Render Info” button so this could be shown more clearly.

So here is version 1.1 of Showlog – originally by DeltaX15.
ShowLog2 Script

1. unzip the file (only has two files in it – the code and an icon)
Ideally place both files here in your file system:
Then you can easily find it in the Content Browser.

2. Click R on the Showlog icon and choose “Create Custom Action”
This will place it on the Scripts menu at the top of the DazStudio Screen between “Tools” and “Help”

3. When you want to see the log – just select it from there.
If you click on the button labeled “Filter Render Info” then the log will change to only show the lines relevant to Rendering and Saving Last Render operations.


    Finished Rendering


    Total Rendering Time: 11 minutes 55.46 seconds


    Saved image: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Movies Temp\Aliens\previz-2 _18min.jpg

Finished Rendering
Total Rendering Time: 17 minutes 26.95 seconds