Light Panel for Daz Studio 1.8

Here is an updated Light Panel for Daz Studio 1.8
It uses the new UI layouts for sliders and so is more compact.
I fixed the odd minor bug too.

Not yet working with custom shader lights – but soon

(LightPanel-9.dsb is no longer needed – please delete it)

This will not work in Daz Studio 1.7
Use the older version for that

– Pane on the Right shows – controls for all lights
– Pane on the Left shows – Global control and main camera.

Global controls can:
– turn all shadows off (and remember settings) toggle
– adjust intensity of groups of lights with slider

For each light:
– you have same controls as in Parameters tab +
– add light to a group – so can control with global slider +
– view from lights POV +
– toggle bright garish color for light – so you can easily see it in scene.

1. drop it in studio/content/scripts (delete the old one if you have it installed)
2. Open Daz Studio and find it in the Content Tab
3. Right click on it and select “Create Custom Action”

It will then appear on your top level menu under a new item (next to Tools) called Scripts.
Click away…(make some lights first :-))